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I've got my life back!

Desperate for sleep, I used prescription sleep medication to help me fall asleep. But i'd always wake up groggy.

Simplesleep has given me the quality sleep I deeply craved. 

Simone - Sydney Surrounds, NSW

Cool to the touch. Keeps me from overheating.

I'm a very hot sleeper, especially during the warmer months. My bed used to be a swampy mess when I woke up, but not with my Simplesleep weighted blanket! It keeps me cool and comfortable, even on the most humid nights.

Emi Burgin, Sunset Beach WA

Calmed my Racing Mind

I have anxiety and my mind spirals into an endless loop every night. My Simplesleep weighted blanket settles my thoughts and allows me to finally fall asleep. 

Liza Ryan - Darling Downs, QLD

OMG I sleep like a baby!

I've never slept so peacefully! On a good night, I'd get 3-5hrs of sleep. Now, with my Simplesleep weighted blanket, I get 8-9 hours. Changed my sleep game!

Tui G. - Perth, WA

Premium Construction

Mini-Grid Quilting

No Weight Bunching. Ever.

Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Simplesleep Weighted Blankets are engineered to be 7-13% of your body weight to relax your mind and body. Using Deep Touch Pressure, Simplesleep Weighted Blankets simulate the feeling of a gentle hug. 

This increases serotonin and melatonin levels, and decreases cortisol levels— naturally improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time.

Fall (and stay) asleep with ease.

Uniquely huggable Superior air flow
Quilted channels keep the microbead fill evenly distributed to hug your body better. Breathable cover circulates air away from your body, keeping you comfortably cool.
Tailored to you Safe for everyone
Two weight options (7kg, 9kg) let you choose the blanket that works best for your body. Free of harmful, ozone depleting chemicals and emissions.

Our money back guarantee

100 Night Guarantee

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Deep Touch Pressure, or DTP for short, was a term coined by the charismatic Dr. Temple Grandin — the most celebrated doctor in the field of autism research. She devoted her career to children living with autism, helping them live fuller, richer lives. 

Dr. Grandin discovered DTP while searching for a natural remedy for anxiety amongst children. The challenge was to find a solution that would not feel confining, or restrictive — as this would heighten anxiety, rather than lower it.

While watching her dairy cows graze at her family farm, inspiration struck! And she invented a real life "hug machine" - brilliant! True to its name, this extraordinary therapeutic tool applied gentle, even pressure on the body, and the pleasant embrace stimulated the release of serotonin — the happiness chemical in the brain.

The lightbulb went off and it was clear as day: Our bodies respond to gentle pressure in the most miraculous way — by releasing feel good endorphins throughout our circulatory system, making us feel peaceful, content and secure.

This kickstarted the development of weighted blankets that had precisely the same physiological effects as the famous "hug machine". 

Just like the "hug machine" — weighted blankets utilize DTP — and that's what makes you feel like you're being given the most incredible, comforting hug.

And what happens when you're hugged?
Turns out, a lot:
  1. Adrenaline & Cortisol levels, the two major stress hormones, immediately drop

  2. Blood pressure levels normalize, lowering our resting heart rate, making us feel at ease

  3. Happiness hormones flood the body (serotonin)

  4. We experience a deep, innate sense of security

There's no two ways about it.

DTP is profound; both in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Now, should you go on a DTP-fueled, stranger hugging frenzy?? Ofcourse you should! (Absolutely kidding - social distancing and all)

...but before you hug every stranger in line at the grocery store, let us make a recommendation: 

Try a weighted blanket, first!

It hugs you back, and doesn't give you side-eye.

Like a hug, a weighted blanket comforts you through the night with a soothing embrace, bringing with it all the extraordinary benefits that DTP provides.

Ok - so quick recap:
  1. Dr. Temple Grandin discovered Deep Tissue Pressure (DTP)

  2. DTP lowers anxiety levels and floods your body with happiness hormones

  3. You just hugged 11 people before grabbing your double double

  4. You realize full-time hugging isn't sustainable, and you're wisely considering a weighted blanket.

Well my wise friend, Simplesleep is waiting with open arms.

(Free shipping across Australia. 100 Night trial.)

25 Reasons Why a Weighted Blanket is Key to a Good Night's Sleep

A blanket so magical it can soothe anxiety, ease insomnia and even reduce your sugar cravings... whisking you away gleefully into a deep peaceful slumber.